Peony Perfection!

This summer I had the pleasure of working on these lovely blue and white peony invitations.  I was able to once again incorporate modern calligraphy in the graphic design.  The fonts that I normally use just don’t make the cut anymore! There is something so beautiful and unique about these hand lettered names! It’s almost impossible to achieve the same look because this font is not something you can download 🙂


Bridal Shower Invites


Cute and fun to do, these invites are the perfect way to get your guests excited for an upcoming event!

At the size 5.5 x 4.25″ they are smaller than the 5 x 7″ cards I often do, but are perfect for a shower, birthday party, or any other kind of party for that matter!  😛

Studio Christmas Cards

For those who are wondering what your Christmas card could look like, here are some custom designs from last year.


Front – Colour Back – Black/White


Front – Colour Back – Black/White


Maybe you have more than one image to show your family and friends…here we can display your kiddos and have a family picture…




Or you have a very large family picture…


Here is an idea for the back of your card.  You could also take this design and make it colour!  Let me know if you have any ideas but just need someone to put it together for you…I would be happy to help!





Black/White back


Happy Christmas card planning!!

From the studio, Alisha

Soft and Fresh with Mint


Front view.

This past summer the studio has worked on a couple invitations.  It is always great to meet new people especially who are in the midst of planning for a such a special day.  I love giving ideas and coming to the drawing board with a basic idea the couple has in mind and then watching it take shape.  The first wedding I worked on is in mint and gold and I love these colours together.  There is something very fresh about this mix.


Inside view. Pocket with information cards.


Church Program. Pamphlet style.

The church programs were done in greys as this is definitely a more cost effective option, and it still looks beautiful 🙂  Thank you to this lovely couple for letting me help out with your special day!


Some Christmas Card Ideas

Here are some ideas for this 2013 Christmas season.  These are just basic concepts and can be changed or we can custom design a new one to suit your needs. Please visit the pricing page for a sample of the Christmas card pricing. If you are looking for something different than what is quoted there, just send me an e-mail and I will get you a quote for what you need.

SAMPLEChristmasCard1 Print Print Print

Photo-credit: Danyse VanDam Photography.

Rich and Regal in Burgandy and Pearl

These invitations were finished back in August, however the wedding is not until December, so I wanted to wait until all guests had received their invitations before I posted.  This set was very detailed but beautiful.  The bride had a preference for pearlized paper, so the card and pocket where created from a specialty pearl card stock and all the designed areas were added on.  This gave their invitations a rich and regal look that the bride was hoping to portray.


Assembly. Ceremony information and couples monogram glued on.

The assembly of this invitation involved a lot of handwork….scoring, folding, spraying adhesive on three pieces to attach to the pearlized paper, assembling the pocket and finally adding the three cards with additional information.  However, as much as it was, I have always loved the assembly of wedding invitations.  It is the final finishing touch of a piece that has been worked on since the beginning conceptual stages…just a quick drawing on a piece of paper!


A glance at the inside. Fully assembled.

The very first piece that I designed for the couple was the monogram.  I wanted to first capture that glimpse of them as a couple.  The bride really liked the idea of having their initials in the old style of illuminated letters (the first letter in a chapter was very detailed and elegant, usually in colour)  I took her concept to the design stages and came up with a monogram that brings together the more masculine “C” and an elegant “E” weaving it’s way around it.


Couples monogram. Masculine “C” with a feminine and elegant “E” weaving around it.

After we had established that this indeed was exactly what the couple had been looking for, it was time to start designing the other pieces of the invitation.  Regal, rich and elegant were words the bride had given me as to the anticipated mood of the couples wedding day.  I think the final product is precisely what they were looking for and I hope you enjoy taking a peak!


Cards for the inside pocket. Includes information on Accommodations, Reception and RSVP.


All stacked up, almost finished!


Front view, card sitting open


Card closed and flat to show how the front folds offset.

Although the pearlized paper is hard to see on-line, there are plenty of samples in my studio.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation/estimate.  Even if you need advise because you are making your own to save on cost, I can help you out!  Just give me a call or an e-mail.

Thanks from the studio.

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