Classic Elegance

A subtle grey background with text and hand lettered names in black lends to a classic appeal.  These beauties were printed on a felt textured paper for an organic/earthy look. Thank you Esther and Graham for letting me be a small part of your big day. Blessings as you continue to prepare 🙂


Peony Perfection!

This summer I had the pleasure of working on these lovely blue and white peony invitations.  I was able to once again incorporate modern calligraphy in the graphic design.  The fonts that I normally use just don’t make the cut anymore! There is something so beautiful and unique about these hand lettered names! It’s almost impossible to achieve the same look because this font is not something you can download 🙂


Watercolour & Lettering

Watercolour and lettered pieces are in the works!

Prices also may depend on the piece commissioned. For example, if you are looking for a lot of sketching, drawing or a vast number of words to be hand lettered, the piece may be more than the listed prices, but you will be informed of that before the project has begun.

Keep an eye out on In My Attic Studio’s Facebook page and Instagram for items that are for sale! If you don’t see one that has a saying or image you like, commission your own personal piece that no one else can buy.

Hope to hear from you!


Psalm/Text Artwork

These art pieces were made for a local church. They were renovating their building and wanted some unique art pieces to hang before the church was re-opened. Each song/text mentions an animal, bird or fish and it’s image was set in the background.  Since doing these, I have been debating doing more for my own home, they are lovely!

Simple Beauty

After almost a year of practice, finally I was confident enough to put my pen to the paper and incorporate what I had done into a wedding invitation.  I absolutely love the simplicity of these invitations with a hint of blush and beige colour.  It was a learning experience but also a very rewarding one! I can’t stop now!! Computer fonts just won’t make the cut anymore, I think I have spoiled myself 🙂


Thank you to this couple for entrusting me with your stationery, it has been a pleasure!

Alisha Bos

A Mid-Summers Wedding…Program covers

My good friend and I had a great time working on these programs! We did inside pages as well, but I am just going to post the covers. We kept the same theme and they turned out exactly as we hoped 🙂

Size was 5 1/2″ square with the inside pages slightly smaller. We stapled the covers and inside pages together to give it a nice clean finished look.


Wine Labels


This summer I had the pleasure of designing wine labels for two different couples as well! The first label, the bride requested a label that looked like kraft paper to give it a rustic appeal.  The second set was given a rustic wood plank background.

If you need wine labels printed for any occasion just let me know and I will get you some pricing! These labels are fully customized and printed on a sticker with crack and peel backing that makes it very easy to apply.


A Mid-Summers Wedding

This wedding is very special to me as it is the first nephew to get married!  As a plus, I got to work side-by-side with one of my best friends to finish this piece and it was worth all the late night craziness, right Sophie?  What a blessing to have such a great friendship to share ideas and feedback with. We were both very happy with how they turned out, and I think Justin and Vanessa were too!  We went with a 5 x 7″ card with a pocket on the reverse side.  Inside the pocket the couple chose to put the reception and reply information.  Other options for the cards could be a map or directions, or options for accommodation for out of town guests etc.J&VInvites4BlogLayout-1

The image above shows the invitation with the front and reverse view.  Below shows an image of what the two cards inserted into the back pocket looked like.  The front of both cards displayed the important wedding/RSVP details.  The back of the cards were used to display additional engagement images that the couple really liked and hoped would be on the invitation somewhere.


My design partner and I also worked on programs for the ceremony and reception as well as thank you cards.  I hope to put them on the blog soon as well.

To Sophie at and so much more Designs…thank you my dearest friend for putting up with me for months and thank your hubby for not kicking me out of the house at mid-night when we were still laughing and having tea together.  It was so enjoyable, I miss it already! Maybe we will get to partner up again soon 😛