Psalm/Text Artwork

These art pieces were made for a local church. They were renovating their building and wanted some unique art pieces to hang before the church was re-opened. Each song/text mentions an animal, bird or fish and it’s image was set in the background.  Since doing these, I have been debating doing more for my own home, they are lovely!


Simple Beauty

After almost a year of practice, finally I was confident enough to put my pen to the paper and incorporate what I had done into a wedding invitation.  I absolutely love the simplicity of these invitations with a hint of blush and beige colour.  It was a learning experience but also a very rewarding one! I can’t stop now!! Computer fonts just won’t make the cut anymore, I think I have spoiled myself 🙂


Thank you to this couple for entrusting me with your stationery, it has been a pleasure!

Alisha Bos