Just a Corner…

This next piece is finished however the wedding is in December so here is a sneak peak…just a small one 🙂IMG_0858

Studio Christmas Cards

For those who are wondering what your Christmas card could look like, here are some custom designs from last year.


Front – Colour Back – Black/White


Front – Colour Back – Black/White


Maybe you have more than one image to show your family and friends…here we can display your kiddos and have a family picture…




Or you have a very large family picture…


Here is an idea for the back of your card.  You could also take this design and make it colour!  Let me know if you have any ideas but just need someone to put it together for you…I would be happy to help!





Black/White back


Happy Christmas card planning!!

From the studio, Alisha

Soft and Fresh with Mint


Front view.

This past summer the studio has worked on a couple invitations.  It is always great to meet new people especially who are in the midst of planning for a such a special day.  I love giving ideas and coming to the drawing board with a basic idea the couple has in mind and then watching it take shape.  The first wedding I worked on is in mint and gold and I love these colours together.  There is something very fresh about this mix.


Inside view. Pocket with information cards.


Church Program. Pamphlet style.

The church programs were done in greys as this is definitely a more cost effective option, and it still looks beautiful 🙂  Thank you to this lovely couple for letting me help out with your special day!