New Invitations in the Works


All assembled, ready for pick-up!

This upcoming wedding is at the end of September.  I look forward to posting more picures of these!


Scoring pearlized cardstock for a current project.

I am currently working on an invitation that will need a bit of handwork.  Scoring the pearlized cardstock, as well as gluing a few items to the pearlized paper.


Gluing invitation onto pearlized stock.

I have my workshop set up in the garage so the amazing Super 77 doesn’t become a super mess!  Once things are set-up, working away at it is fairly quick, and I enjoy every bit even as particular as I am!


Stack of pearlized cardstock!


All set up at the workstation in the garage. Thank you dear hubby for helping me out!


Super 77 gluing station 😛

My very helpful husband cleaned off the rolling workbench he made so I could move it where i needed it and set it up.  I used the top to do all the finicky work and made a small area on the shelf below for spraying on the adhesive.  A small styrofoam tray helped keep the stationery piece off the cardboard so i didn’t have to keep changing the paper underneath that I was spraying on.

I can’t wait to showcase these ones!  Stay tuned for more pictures once this December wedding is closer.

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